Exhibitions | Zvi Lachman


1977 Paintings and Drawings, Sof Hashdera, Tel-Aviv.
"Figure", Sculpture, Herzlia Museum (catalogue).
Works on Paper, Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
1993 "Head", Sculptures and works on paper,Gordon Gallery (catalogue).
1994 Painting and drawing, Gordon Gallery.

Pastels, Gordon Gallery (catalogue).
"Poets portraits", Poetry Festival, Metula.


Gilgamesh (Bibliophilic book: Edition of 64 books, each includes
17etchings signed and numbered by the artist), Sout'bies, Tel-Aviv.
Gilgamesh, Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem.
Ransom of the Father Sculptures and works on paper, Museum
of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan (catalogue).


Sculpture installation of "Akedah" (The Binding of Isaac), Meir Hospital, Kefar-Saba.

2002 Recent Works from the Studio, 473 Broadway St., New York.
Canvasses Against Black , Golkonda Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2003-04 Angussim, The open Museum, Industrial Park, Omer (catalogue).
2005 Deathfugue (Bibliophilic book: Edition of 18 books, each includes
10 etchings signed and numbered by the artist), The print-shop, Jerusalem.
2006 Sculpture installation of "Hanna", Sheba hospital, Tel- Hashomer.
Sculpture installation of three Head sculptures,
Sculpture Garden, Herzelia College.
2007 Amida (sculpture), Golkonda gallery, 117 Herzel st, Tel-Aviv.
Poets' Portraits. Beit Reuven Museum, Tel-Aviv.
Yeshiva University Gallery, New York (catalouge).
2008 Sculpture installation of "Asia", sculpture outside Straus Building,
The Industrial Center, Petakh-Tikva.
Thy Face: Poets' Portraits, Wilfred Museum, Hazorea.
Poets' Portraits. Meisel Museum, Denver, Colorado.
Poets’ Portraits The Rubin Frankel Gallery, Boston University.
2009 Self and Portrait. Alon Segev Gallery (catalouge).
2011 Standing Man, Sitting Woman. Alon Segev Gallery (catalouge)



Five Young Artists, New York Studio School.
Aluminum, New York Studio School.
Aluminum, Parsons, New York.
"Artists from Herzlia", Works on Paper, Merl, Germany.   
Homage to Rembrandt, Artists' House, Tel-Aviv (catalogue).
1993 Sculpture, The Little Forest, Ra‘ananna (catalogue).

Ten Years of Israeli Sculpture, The Open Museum, Tefen, Kfar Havradim (catalogue).


Autumn Salon, The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan.
Sculpture Installation, Israel Festival, Jerusalem.
Sculpture, The Little Forest, Ra’ananna (catalogue).
Poets’ Portraits, Fischer Gallery, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem.


Hester Panim ("Face Hiding"), drawing and painting,
Petach-Tikva Museum (catalogue).
Akedat Yitzchak, Sculpture, Meny H Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
In Memory of Yitzchak Rabin. Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv.
To Be or Not, Installation, Jerusalem Theatre (catalogue).

Eye Level, Artists’ House, Jerusalem.
Mini-arture Works, Florence, Italy (catalogue).
Portraits, Bat-Yam Museum.
Where Did We Come From and Where Are We Heading,
Petach-Tikva Museum (catalogue).
Israeli Artists for Peace, Givatayim Theatre, Givatayim.
Milk, Honey and Ink: Works on Paper of Israeli Artists, Yale, New Haven.
Israeli Sculpture 1948-1998: Milestones,The Open Museum,
Tefen (catalogue).
Local dialogue: Sculpture, Herzlia Museum of Art.
Light and Shade: Drawing and Painting of Israeli Artists in Moskva, Russia (catalogue).
The Moment After or The Moment Before, Art Gallery, Um El Fachem.
Balance: Sculpture, Tel-Aviv Courtyard, Tel-Aviv (catalogue).

New works from Israel, Gilgallery, Los Angeles.
Europ’Art: Nouveau Salon d’Art Contemporain,
Place de la Porte d’Auteuil, Paris.
Portraits from antiquity to the present, Tel-Aviv Museum.
Homage to an old master, Givataim Theatre.
Artists Against the Conquest, Ashdot-Yaakov Museum.
Negohot: Homage to Uri Zvi Grinberg, Museum of Jewish Art, Ramat-Gan.

Wandering Library, Venice Biennale.
Drawing. Old & New, The Municipal Art Gallery, Bait "Yad Labanim", Raanana.
2005 Traces II – Israeli Biennale for drawing, The Jerusalem artists' house, Jerusalem (catalogue).
Recent works, Golkonda Gallery, Tel Aviv.
The continuous mark: 40 Years of the New York Studio School, New York.
2006 Wounds and Bandages, Art Gallery, Um El Fachem (catalogue).
2007 Sculpture Garden named after Yoav Dagon, Ramat Hasharon (catalogue).
Global View: Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Tel-Aviv (catalogue).

Self-Portraits, The Municipal Gallery, Givataim.
Sculpture Garden, The Hebrew House, Riverdale, NY.
Second Croatian Biennial of Illustrations, The Klovićevi dvori gallery, Zagreb.


Soul Searching, HiTouch, a place for contemporary art, Herzelia.